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BioShock This works, I switched the language through Steam. is there an option to change launguage from english to other? i want to play.
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If it's not steam version, registry may work. It is not steam version. To open registry if you don't know how: Then registry editor will open, and you'll see five keys: You need to click not on the triangle here, like for the first 3 steps, but on the text. Next, in the right part of the window, you'll see some values.

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You need value named "language". Double click on it, and then type "". Next, press enter, or click on "OK". That's all.

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This should work, but I'm not sure that Russian version has English in it as well. You are Russian, right? I can explain it in Russian, if it helps. Thank you very much XD it worked perfect my game is on english now. This is very nice and cool post tahsnk for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earlier versions of the games had included Nostrums as gameplay elements, but these were replaced by equipable gear. They would have been available in two types, stable and unstable varieties, the latter referred to as "potlucks".

Stable nostrums would have been expensive, but the player would know exactly what effect applying the nostrum would gain them. Unstable nostrums would be cheaper or found lying around the environment, but upon use, would require the player to select one of four random effects to alter their character, an idea inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic according to Levine.

While more can be found around the game's environment, the player would have only been able to carry a limited number of vigors into battle, with more powerful vigors containing fewer charges. The game's " Mode" was a result of a conversation that Levine had with a college student after speaking at a college during the latter stages of Infinite ' s development; the student explained his disappointment with BioShock in that none of the choices the player makes in that game has long-lasting impact.

Levine agreed with this statement and realized that giving permanence to the player's choices would make the game more interesting. Design director Bill Gardener also acknowledged that their approach within BioShock was part of the general trend in gaming over the last decade due to streamlining of games. Irrational Games has considered options for a multiplayer element, though Levine has stated that there will be no multiplayer shipped with the game.

One mode was a co-operative mini-game similar to tower defense having the player characters miniaturized within an old-time arcade machine to defend against waves of enemies. This mode was cancelled early on to focus on a four player co-operative mode tentatively titled "Spec-Ops", similar to the mode of the same name from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The four players would have worked their way through levels from the single player game to complete missions under certain requirements.

Further development on "Spec-ops" has since been dropped. After the previous installations of BioShock were found to have some issues with Microsoft Windows computers, Levine stated that they have a "dedicated group" to make sure that Infinite "feels at home on [Windows computers]".

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The original BioShock received some criticism from PlayStation 3 owners, who found the port from the native Windows and Xbox developed by a separate studio, Digital Extremes , to be lackluster. To address this, Irrational Games has stated that the PlayStation 3 version of Infinite would not be a port, as that version is being developed in-house simultaneously with the Windows and Xbox versions.

In August , several high-level developers from Irrational that had been working on Infinite announced their departure from the company; these included art director Nate Wells, who began working with Naughty Dog , [71] and director of product development Tim Gerritsen. At the same time, Irrational announced the addition of Rod Fergusson from Epic Games as their product director while Scott Sinclair, art director from the original Bioshock , replaced Wells. Levine stated that he still believes in the Infinite development team's capacity to complete the game as expected.

Don Norbury and Clint Bundrick, who were producers for the game's artificial intelligence and combat design, respectively; Irrational did not comment on these departures but asserted that the game was still scheduled for its February release. About a year after BioShock Infinite ' s release, Levine announced that he was going to be drastically scaling back the size of Irrational Games down to around 15 total employees, and seek to develop more narrative-driven games.

Ultimately, this resulted in Irrational Games being rebranded as Ghost Story Games in February ; the new studio was still owned by 2K Games, but was considered a fresh start for Levine and others. In many ways, it will be a return to how we started: Former developers from Irrational discussed with Polygon what they felt led to the transition of the studio. According to these employees, work on BioShock Infinite ' s main gameplay initially focused on the two multiplayer modes, with very little time spent on the single player campaign, initially because neither time nor money were a concern at the start of the project, an allowance from 2K Games due to the success of the first BioShock.

However, with some years into the project and no strong game close to being delivered, Levine became more involved in overseeing nearly all elements of the game. While these employees commented favorable that Levine was detail-oriented, they considered that his demand for detail led to many of the game's parts being reworked over and over again. Levine and Thomas decided on the roadmap for Infinite , quickly determining that the multiplayer elements were not needed and refocusing on the single-player campaign.

Later, in August , Irrational brought in Rod Fergusson to serve as vice-president of development, effectively displacing Tim Gerritsen who had been director of product development. The former employees credited Fergusson with helping to make Levine's creative vision into practice timelines and budgets, helping to make sure that Infinite would be released in a timely manner. Once the game had "gone gold" and was ready for release, there was some departures of employees, which most attributed to the standard ebb and flow during software development.

The team started to transition towards developing three planned pieces of downloadable content for the game. Irrational was planning on working on the two episodic content, BioShock Infinite: Executives at Irrational found that the product 2K Marin was producing was not acceptable, and Irrational took over its development, having only about nine weeks to complete the work before it was scheduled for release.

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Another wave of employees departed the company around this time. These concerns were also fueled by Fergusson's departure in mid; employees were told that Levine was considering what their next game would be given the current environment in the market, and a desire to work with a smaller team. Following the completion of the downloadable content, Irrational has a few rounds of layoffs to scale back the team. Prior to its announcement on August 12, , Irrational Games has used the moniker "Project Icarus" to describe their next game, creating a teaser site in late July Initially, the game was announced for an October worldwide release in March Two special editions were released alongside the game, for each release platform — Windows, Xbox , and PlayStation 3.

The Special Edition includes an art book, a propaganda poster, a mini-figurine of the Handyman, a keychain, and the game's soundtrack, along with in-game codes for special powers and, for consoles, additional themes.

Fixing Bioshock’s Language Settings

The Ultimate Songbird edition, in addition to the above, includes a 9. Three different covers for Game Informer ' s first preview of the game for its October issue were collaborations between Irrational and the magazine, envisioning what a video game magazine would be like in the early 20th century. Each cover, drawn by Irrational's Rob Waters, is inspired by the cover artwork from The Saturday Evening Post and includes fictional advertisements based on early 20th century variants, including one redrawn from a public domain ad.

The game's first trailer was released alongside the game's full announcement, showcasing Columbia, the propaganda around the city, and Elizabeth and her powers. This version of the song was sung by Elizabeth's voice actress, Courtnee Draper, while the backing guitar is played by Booker's actor, Troy Baker. While Levine had intended to use Draper for the vocals, Baker's role was happenstance; as Levine was working with Draper in the recording of the song, Baker offered up his abilities on the guitar, and the group spent several hours to exact the appropriate tone of the song.

A third trailer was released in October , entitled "Beast of America". It initially shares similarities with the opening of BioShock , with Booker being taken to a lighthouse with instruction. From there, the trailer's first half shows in-game scenes of settings around Columbia representative of American Exceptionalism such as an amusement park, a public beach, and an ice-cream parlor, prior to demonstration many of the gameplay elements including the Skyhook and the Heavy Hitters.

The trailer is set to Nico Vega 's "Beast", which, as stated by Time ' s Matt Peckham notes, "excoriates American apathy, in so many words, '[planting] seeds for the Beast of America'". A separate set of teaser trailers was released started in January , and presented the history of Columbia in the style of shows like In Search Of Columbia — A Modern Day Icarus", the fictional host, Alistair Bloom, briefly narrates the mysteries of Columbia, such as its disappearance or the legend of Songbird. The official game cover was revealed by Irrational Games in early December ; the art featured DeWitt against a burning flag with some other elements of the game.

Several journalists were critical of the art, with the lack of any major elements from the game including Elizabeth, and lacking any of the uniqueness that BioShock Infinite had set itself to be prior to this point, such as through the Game Informer Saturday Evening Post -inspired covers. The Siege of Columbia , in which players take on the roles of the Founders or Vox Populi to battle each other for control of the city, while having to deal with the chaos created by Booker and Elizabeth. Irrational had approached Plaid Hat with the idea of the game, while Plaid Hat set out to create the game to avoid simply recreating the story from the video game but instead provide an alternative viewpoint of the events in the game and to allow players to develop their own stories as they play through it.

A prequel novella, Bioshock Infinite: Interview with the Anarchist". The fictional report presents a series of interviews between its author, Dr. Francis Pinchot, and Daisy Fitzroy, the founder of the Vox Populi, during a period approximately seven years before the game's events where Fitzroy has been captured by the Founders. Pinchot, in conducting these interviews, seeks to understand the psychological nature of revolt from Fitzroy.

Irrational ran a "Name in the Game" contest where the winning player would have their name included in the game in some manner, such as by a non-playable character, or the name of a shop or building. Pre-orders of the game granted the purchaser with an accesscode to a browser-based puzzle game, BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution , developed in conjunction with Lazy 8 Studios.

Several of the Irrational team had played and enjoyed Lazy 8's steampunk-like Independent Games Festival -winning title, Cogs , and considered using them to build this pre-release game. Following the release of BioShock Infinite , two major pieces of downloadable content have been released by Irrational. The first piece, titled Clash in the Clouds , was released on July 30, It is a non-story arena-based combat mode where the player is faced with increasingly difficult waves of enemies on various maps based on in-game settings.

The player earns in-game money that they can use at a central hub to buy new vigors, upgrade weapons and vigors, and unlock character models, concept art, kinetoscopes, and music. Various challenges in the form of blue ribbons are given to the player, such as by killing foes with specific weapon and vigor combinations. The second piece of downloadable content, titled Burial at Sea , is a story-based expansion set in Rapture that links Infinite ' s story to that of the original BioShock game. It consists of two episodes: Additionally, new weapons, gear, costumes, and vigors are also available as extra content; for example, part of the reward for completing the Industrial Revolution puzzle game included such weapons and gear.

A season pass is available to purchase all downloadable content for a reduced price.

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