Mac os x unhide file

chflags nohidden will unhide a hidden file/folder. You can press Command + Shift +. to show all files regardless of any other state (in macOS.
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Keyboard Shortcut

Below that, paste the following: Now when you want to show hidden files, all you need type in Terminal is showFiles , then hideFiles when you want to hide them. This is the command to show hidden files and is ended with a semi-colon ; so we can then use the second command:. Aliases can be used to speed up your interaction with the Terminal.

Set up an alias for navigating to your most used directories, to commit to a GitHub repo and so on. Ian combines his education with 10 years commercial experience in front-end development to produce high-quality websites and exceptional user experience.

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Continued in next comment Mark, You also said, "and it does say to use unhidden to unhide", and nowhere on that page does it make that statement!


The word 'hidden' appears twice but 'unhidden' is not on that page at all and it clearly and plainly states "Putting the letters ''no'' before or removing the letters ''no'' from a keyword causes the flag to be cleared. Huh, didn't know about that keyboard command, cool. Was wondering how do you change the date modified of a folder if possible?

AndyJ That sounds like a separate question, I'd recommend you post is as such. Harv Harv 5, 12 How about to unhide all files?

All files in a folder? AndyJ The current directory of the shell needs to be the one you want to unhide files in.

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