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Welcome to the “South Park: Stick of Truth” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port South Park Stick of Truth in a few simple steps.
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How to port games with Wineskin

Heres how to get your xbox one controller up and running in os x. Discover the innovative world of apple and shop everything iphone, ipad, apple watch, mac, and apple tv, plus explore accessories, entertainment, and expert device support. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: The Porting Team. Porting Team v3. Community Status Updates: The Stick Of Truth. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Mar 05 Mar 13 Wrapper Type: Wineskin Wine Version: GREY not tested. Wrappers have different Mac OS X compatibility! This file has been reported as broken because: For a thousand years, the battle has been waged.

The sole reason humans and elves are locked in a neverending war: The Stick of Truth. But the tides of war are soon to change as word of a new kid spreads throughout the land, his coming fortold by the stars. Any emulation would involve extremely expensive swapping of registers very frequently. I'm don't remember what L1 fetch time on the x86 is, but it's at least one cycle. That means that your PPC code is going to run, at best, at half speed a fair bit of the time. The reason the PPC could emulate the x0 so efficiently is because it had so many registers and didn't have to execute many instructions to handle any single x0 instruction.

I won't go so far as to call you a newbie, but your bias suggests that you have a ways to go before you become a seasoned professional. Keep on plugging though, and try to be more open-minded. Consider doing research before forming conclusions, for example.

I think that you owe it to the parent poster to do the same yourself. Looking at the PPC instruction set, it looks a little more robust than a "reduced" instruction set to me. They all look CISC, except for the old favorites, such as the As far as which is better depends on your assembly language preferences. I prefer accumulator arithmatic of the RISC, but since we use compilers these days, this point is moot.

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Bit of history. Acorn themselves not ARM weren't very good in marketing This is the 1 most common thing mac freaks say.. That's like saying Diesel is better than gasoline.. Another fallacy. This does not make either one automatically "faster" in terms of total computational power, just different in their approaches to speed. Absolutely right. Although situation is not that bad, P4 is somewhat faster than PowerPC now. Attack this guys point, not him as a person I attack his point as wrong. I merely go on to point out what his being wrong, an the manner in which he is wrong, says about him.

At no time do I suggest that he is under-informed, and therefore wrong. I state that he is wrong, and therefore under-informed. Will the real Dr. Pascal please stand up All the developers will have to do little more than re-target and recompile. Very little work involved, relatively speaking. Why would a Carbon app need to be significantly modified to compile on an x86? No, it doens't, it needs, well, no modification whatsoever, it just compiles.

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Same thing here. Yes, they would need a new emulator for classic apps.. PPC and 68K do not have any kind of inherent compatability. Give in to the dark side, you must not".

South Park: The Stick of Truth for Mac OSX

If smart you are, mess around you will not with my trademarks. Woops, my bad. Used without permission. I Doubt It Score: I find this extremely difficult to believe. Apple has had their developers make significant rewrites with the introduction of AltiVec and Cocoa, how can they expect developers to rewrite their software for x86? For a long time after that, people referred to it as "The Nuxi problem".

No rewrites Score: If the code is clean it will just recompile. They then ported it to run on I think four architectures: A few years later, they changed things further so that you could use their development tools to write apps for NT and Solaris. At the time they were promising that this would be available for some Mac hardware by early '98 and for most of the PPC line by mid ' Of course, this all turned out to be utterly wrong; OS X actually came out three years later.

Personally, I wasted a lot of time and money based on their promises, and my contempt for Steve Jobs is now substantial and lasting. So yeah, it wouldn't shock me that they have OS X running happily on Intel hardware, as that was where a lot of it was running first. I imagine that some of the chrome is not well optimized for Intel, but I'm sure they were smart enough to keep the architecture clean. If they decide to launch for Intel, they will of course have some big driver issues to deal with, but hopefully they can boost enough BSD code so that won't be a showstopper, either.

A lot of companies are already cross platform. As for Cocoa, well, that should be abstracted enough to be, largely, a non issue. A simple recompile, as they say, not that such things are ever "simple. Ported all of Mac OS X to x86? They have ported all of Mac OS X to x86? Not just the kernel? Anyone wanna throw in a few bucks for macosx-xdayl33t. Finder is both a Carbon application and a Cocoa application. At least the one on my Jaguar install is. Which means technically its a cocoa app From what I can tell but it still links in a lot of carbon code. But then, most programs are. Its very difficult to write a cocoa application that doesn't hit carbon Even though you don't link against it and vice versa I see no reason to believe that carbon can't be or couldn't have already been ported to x Odds are most of it is C not assembly anyway.

Leaked Photos of Hardware Score: How long 'til we get to see some leaked photos of Apple-specific X86 hardwware? Imagine an iMac. Now imagine an iMac being anally raped by an 8" aluminum heatsink. That is what the x86 iMacs will look like. Jesus Christ, give me a minute. Photoshop is a little slow on this mHz iBook. Mac OS X86 and hardware. It seems like they could still couple hardware and software if they went to x86, just not as tightly. They could keep lists of "recommended" hardware, with some sort of rating or ranking system.

Perhaps they wouldn't even attempt to write drivers for more than a couple peripherals and allow open source drivers to emerge if they're needed. Just a thought. I'd buy it. Junior III writes: I'd definitely buy it if it were released. I'm all about having choices in the market, and OS X running natively on x86 hardware would be a step in the right direction.

Come on, Steve -- give me a 2-button trackpad on a Titanium powerbook, that's all I ask for. I would only use it if I was actually using Mac hardware. I really don't see any reason that I need to switch other than that. Well, maybe now is a good time to post it after all As we all know, with Linux we have the best free as in beer operating system in the market. It certainly makes our friend Bill G. It also has an amazing rendering engine by sporting PDF under the hood.

However, even though it has a great backbone in the form of an open BSD system, the truth is that it is doubtfull the apple folks will get the steam, hype, and generally market support that Linux is constantly getting lately in all media, corporations, and geeks alike. Just a software download and a much lower price than a Windows license say, 50 bucks? I know, some will argue that "what makes Macs different is the tight integration of the OS with the hardware" and blah blah blah, but heck, should this that I propose take off, I'm sure that Apple will have enough leverage to publish standards making this integration much simpler and still remain open, while benefiting everyone.

So, how does Apple make money? Software should be free, but people also have families to take care of, and Apple's effort should be rewarded by paying them. Case closed. This would eliminate the barrier many have when trying to move from Wintel to Mac: Also imagine the simplicity of installing, deinstalling, and managing applications that Mac OS would bring do not tell me how debian, RPMs, etc are great, they suck big time if you ever had to use them regularly; yes I have. This, I think, it's what would really bring a true competitor to the Windows monopoly.

And BTW, as an example let's take my own case: Sure once you get it working it's fine and dandy, but heck, sometimes to get it to work you have to get the sources, read the FAQs, HowTos, set some flags, find dependencies, get extra libraries, etc. I already have my decent 1. However allow me to keep my machine, give me the stability and power of Linux, and the elegance and simplicity of the Mac, and you can count me in right away. And folks, yes I agree that maybe "they're not qualified enough to have such a job", but the reality is that they are here to stay and always will be here to stay, and Microsoft is counting on them.

Net Server Beta. Eventually the truth hurts folks , Windows will be as fast and stable as Linux, and yes, they will copy the Mac look and get away with it just as they did with Windows. And they will have a market of several hundred million users who like a herd will simply follow Microsoft because simply they're not tech-savvy enough to realize that there are other choices.

And developers will continue increasingly target the Windows platform because numbers speak: Do I sell for 4 million Linux machines, 5 million Mac machines, or million Wintel machines? This is the time folks to trully all come together and trully create a second option to Wintel. Let's combine the best of what we have a Linux foundation, X86 hardware, and Mac OS upper services and GUI layers , and trully create something we can be proud of a few years from now. So what's the next step? Someone should send this article to Apple's Steve Jobs, and have Steve meet with the heads of the major Linux distros to define some specs that all would follow to support the Mac Layer.

Rally some OEMs to make their products "Mac Linux"-ready so that they could support the tight-integration features that makes Macs such a joy to use today , and rally the big software developer houses and let them know about this and get them excited, and let's all rally behind this effort and give them all the support the open source community is famous for. This could be the beginning of a trully beautiful relationship You put out a lot of good reasons the Open Source community would want this, or could use it. But you're putting in no reason for Apple to want to do it.

Apple would die the quarter that OSX became an x86 commodity. On x86 hardware, they'd be dealing with all the vendors that make things for Microsoft as competition, and dealing with unhappy traditional Mac developers that just made the switch to OS X on PPC. They'd alienate the entire Apple infrastructure just to gain a few points on hardware speed that they wouldn't even be able to sell anymore. People won't pay Apple's -slightly- higher hardware prices when they can get the exact same thing technically for less. Apple makes money by selling hardware, that's where the support base they have is, and that's where the company excels.

The entire user experience as a whole is what drives Apple sales. If we do see OS X on x86, we'll see it on the same Apple hardware we see today, just with a different chip in the mix. It'll all be Apple branded, no clones, no over the counter OS sales for plain-jane x86 machines. Personally, I'm betting that it'll be the new. Actually, the prices for an Apple-branded x86 machine would likely be higher, as processors from Intel and AMD are quite a bit higher than prices for PPC chips.

I'm not an expert on this subject, and this might be nothing more than uninformed speculation, but I'm guessing this is the price OEMs pay for having lots of frequent updates in processors. Bloody Hell! Why would you want to cripple it like that?

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Quartz Extreme rocks in Jaguar. It keeps my CPU usage waay down, and looks crisper and beautiful. Microsoft announced they're 3 years away. Vaporware as far as I'm concerned. The limitations of QE are clearly noted. The PowerPoint they released awhile ago cleared showed that QE was only used for compositing and window effects. QE works by taking windows, software rendering them to textures, and using OpenGL to draw textured quads to the screen.

This way they can do compositing by making the quads partially transparent, and they can do stuff like the genie effect by using vertex shaders to manipulate the verticies of the quad. But the REAL work, drawing to the window, is done by the software renderer. Prove it. I'm getting my info right from Apple's released info. Read this document. Note how Quartz "Extreme" simply takes the place of Quartz Compositor, and the Quartz2D drawing to window buffers is still done in software read the legend. Now, beg for forgiveness. I've gone months without even having it installed.

Still, I can recognize a good idea when I see it. Of course they have an X86 port. And don't be too disapointed if your current system is not supported. I hope this new marklar really works on marklar marklar. The kernel is called xnu. Believable Score: I'll believe Apple has an x86 port of OS X. I don't think Apple would suddenly be just another PC vendor. I am almost certain they would make non-PC compatible Intel hardware. Apple has no reason to stop their excellent strategy of close marriage between non-commodity, thus predictable, hardware and their operating system.

Umm, hasn't apple already adopted the PC architecture? There are really two things to consider: First, that Apple will solder proprietary widgets to the Macintosh motherboard which the OS will look for before booting. No widget, no boot. Simple as that. Now you might say, "someone will reverse engineer it and then there will be rampant Mac clones," which brings us to the second point Second, even though it's totally possible to reverse engineer these types of widgets it's not realistic to do so.

This is simply because Apple can change it willy-nilly any time they freakin' want to. Who is going to continue to invest in reverse engineering in order to remain compatible? Don't believe it? Consider that you can buy G4 processors and you can buy all the standard Mac motherboard stuff I see no reason to believe that this will be a more attractive prospect just because Apple switches processors. I totally agree. The FP can handle paired-singles anyone see the altivec connection here? Yes, the memory architecture has someting to do with this too So binary compatibility is a no-brainer.

Couple in the fact that power4 has multiple cores on a die I'll buy my first Apple machine if they actually do this. Even Apple has admitted to this before. Heck, I'm running OS7 right now, albeit via Basilisk. Well, an x86 port does not imply x86 architecture. Apple's not stupid enough to kill off their hardware sales- after all, it's what keeps them so strong.

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Using an x86 chip in a custom Apple architecture gets rid of the whole issue with Motorola and IBM, but maintains Apple's grip on the Mac hardware market. Now THAT is more plausible.